Tooth Extraction in Turkey

Tooth Extraction in Turkey

One of the most common procedures performed by our dentists is tooth extraction Turkey. You may need this treatment at any age. However, if you’ve never done it before you may need more information about this procedure to know what to expect from the process. Thus, we have prepared an article for you with all the necessary information about tooth extraction in Turkey.

Tooth Extraction in Turkey Overview
Tooth Extraction in Turkey Overview
Turdent dental treatments Overview
Tooth Extraction in Turkey Overview


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What is the Tooth Extraction procedure?

Tooth extraction Turkey is a dental procedure required when a tooth has lost its function. Patients who need tooth extraction can suffer from pain and bad breath. These are the first signs that identify the appearance of the infection due to a damaged tooth. The dentist can also recommend you this tooth extraction after the final tooth decay stage is reached. Tooth extraction is the last step of the tooth treatment. The dentist tries to fix patients’ teeth by filling them to avoid or postpone the tooth extraction procedure.

Tooth Extraction procedure ın Turkey

Modern technologies allow us to save natural teeth for the long term. In our TurDent clinic in Turkey you will be able to treat your teeth at affordable prices and in the short term. Our doctors also try to use all the necessary methods to protect patients’ teeth. However, there are cases when tooth extraction is the only possible and the best option. If the dentist decides that your tooth cannot be treated, he begins the preparation of your mouth for the tooth extraction procedure. The process of this treatment can include different steps. Tooth extraction can be performed using general or local anaesthesia. The doctor recommends using general anaesthesia for patients with teeth that have problems with extraction and need surgical intervention. Due to this, patients do not feel any discomfort during the surgery.


How Much is Tooth Extraction in Turkey?

Tooth extraction cost Turkey may vary depending on the clinic you choose and the number of teeth you need to extract. Our TurDent clinic offers the best possible tooth extraction cost. Moreover, we provide high-quality dental care and the best service. Our dentists offer patients the best dental treatment with quality final results. Patients come back home with new smiles that get a new appearance and attract the attention of passers-by.

How Much is Tooth Extraction in Turkey

Tooth extraction cost varies from £50 to £80. You can get simple and surgical tooth extraction in our clinic. Each type involves performing different steps. As a result, the price also differs according to the technique the doctor performs. You can extract one or several teeth at the same time. It allows you to save time and money. However, it is better to consult with the dentist about this. They will help you to get the most suitable tooth extraction procedure with excellent results.

Dental treatment prices are reasonable in Turkey. Thanks to this, our patients treat their smiles at affordable prices. Our dentists offer their work at a lower cost than dentists in the UK or USA. However, the quality of the treatment is the same. So, if you do not want to overpay for dental care, visit our TurDent clinic in Turkey.

Who needs a Tooth Extraction done?

Tooth extraction is necessary if the tooth is infected and poses a health risk. In such cases, the dentist recommends patients get rid of the tooth to prevent the appearance of complications. The best way to decide if the patient needs to extract teeth is to do an X-ray. This allows the doctor to see the tooth’s position in the jawbone. Thanks to this, the dentist can decide if they can save the tooth. Let us tell you cases where the tooth extraction procedure is a necessary option. So, the doctor recommends extraction if:

Tooth Extraction Process in Turkey

Tooth Extraction Process in Turkey

Often patients are afraid of tooth extraction. However, they are happy and shocked by the simple and painless process of this treatment after the procedure. Our dentists prepare patients before the procedure by telling them about the steps of treatment. Moreover, anaesthesia makes tooth extraction painless. Thus, you can be sure that you will feel comfortable during the treatment. 

We also have prepared information about the tooth extraction process for you. So, the treatment includes such steps:

Types of Tooth Extraction Techniques in Turkey

The dentist can perform one of two types of tooth extraction. Two methods allow the doctor to remove the tooth from its socket. To select one of the techniques, the dentist does a detailed examination of the patient’s oral cavity. Let us tell you the difference between simple and surgical tooth extractions.

Simple Tooth Extraction

Simple tooth extraction is the procedure that involves removing the tooth that is seen inside the patient’s mouth. In such cases, the dentist can easily remove it without making incisions in the gums. They just loosen and extract the tooth from the gum. This type of tooth extraction is more simple than the surgical option and provides a shorter recovery period.

Surgical Tooth Extraction

Surgical Tooth Extraction ın Turkey

Surgical tooth extraction is the method that allows patients to get rid of problematic teeth. This technique is suitable for broken or invisible teeth. The dentist can not just extract such teeth without surgery. Thus, they make incisions into the patient’s gums and expose the jawbone. 

This technique can also involve the extraction of teeth in several parts. This allows the dentist to get rid of the tooth that stacks into the bone. The next step involves stitches incisions. The dentist uses general anaesthesia to care for the patient’s comfort during the procedure.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

The first days after surgical tooth extraction can be difficult for patients. This is because you may feel pain and suffer from swelling. However, this passes 2 weeks after the operation. Also, the dentist places a cotton or gauze pad for 20-25 after the procedure minutes to stop bleeding. Also, this prevents clot formation. If you want to relieve the pain after the tooth extraction, you can take painkillers.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare ın Turkey

However, it is better to avoid blood thinning medications. Avoid too hot and cold food that can cause bleeding. Eat only warm and soft meals. Moreover, do not smoke on the first day of the operation. This can be the reason for forming clots in an unhealthy way. The doctor can also recommend you use an ice compress after difficult tooth extraction surgery. Also, it is necessary to take care of your mouth to avoid the appearance of an infection. Thus, it is necessary to clean your mouth. However, you can begin to brush your teeth only on the second day after treatment. Also, avoid rinsing your mouth on the first day after the procedure.

The Healing Process after a Tooth Extraction in Turkey

The healing process may vary from patient to patient. Thus, the reaction of your organism can be different. Some patients suffer from swelling during the healing process. Moreover, you can feel pain and discomfort. However, the right care about your mouth and teeth will help you to speed up the recovery period. Furthermore, the healing process can pass in different ways according to the type of tooth extraction. A complex surgery can cause organism reactions such as bleeding, swelling, and annoying pain in the surgery area. If you notice any complications, you should visit your doctor. They will help you to improve your well-being by choosing the right medicine. You can feel relief 7-10 after the tooth extraction. Moreover, the doctor removes the stitches after a week. 

The Risks of a Tooth Extraction

Our patients often ask doctors about the risk of the tooth extraction procedure. Thus, we try to inform them about possible complications after the treatment.  Well, if you have poor immunity, you can suffer from the appearance of the infection after the procedure. You can feel bad taste and smell in your mouth. The most severe complication is dry bone inflammation. Remember that our dentists perform a high-quality dental treatment with a safe final result without any complications.


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