Sinus Lifting Procedure in Turkey

Sinus Lifting Procedure in Turkey

Sinus lifting Procedure in Turkey is a dental operation that is in demand at the TurDent clinic and is available at an affordable price to all of our clients. The price is set taking into account the vast experience of all our doctors in carrying out such operations, the high quality of the procedures performed by our clinic, and the full support of our clients by the clinic’s specialists, from the beginning of the sinus lifting procedure to the end.

You can be sure that you will be satisfied with the treatment and service at the TurDent dental clinic in Turkey, as your trust and our reputation are really important to us.

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Turdent dental treatments Overview
Turdent dental treatments Overview


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What is Sinus Lifting Procedure in Turkey?

Sinus lifting is a method of treating bone atrophy. In essence, sinus lifting is the operation that is performed to increase bone mass in a person’s jaw and correct the sinus form. The procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia. Therefore, you do not have to worry about pain during the sinus lifting procedure.

Sinus lifting is most often needed in cases of dental implant  placement after a long absence of teeth in the jaw. Before the treatment, the doctor will definitely examine you and decide if the sinus lifting procedure is right for you. This decision will depend on the indications for the procedure that the doctor can see in the patient’s oral cavity, as well as on which method of implantation the patient has chosen. Some implant installation methods do not require bone augmentation with sinus lifting, however, these methods may not be suitable for everyone.

Sinus Lifting Turdent

Indications for Sinus Lifting

Most often sinus lifting is prescribed:

However, the final decision on the appointment of a sinus correction treatment will be made by the doctor.

Often, the bone augmentation procedure can take place at the same time as the installation of dental implants. Sinus lifting makes the process of installing dental implants longer, however, our doctors always try to complete all the details of the treatment as quickly as possible so as not to tire clients with long sitting in the dental chair.

What is Bone Atrophy?

Bone atrophy is a disease that develops mostly due to people’s neglect of the quality of their smile or due to ignoring dental problems for a long time. There are different cases in life, and a person can lose teeth for completely different reasons. However, if such a case has already occurred, then you should not ignore the problem. In order not to miss the moment, go to your doctor and start your sinus treatment as soon as the problem appears.

Bone Atrophy Correction in Turkey

It is worth considering the fact that the jawbone reacts to the lack of load on it, like a muscle to the lack of training. The bone tends to atrophy. Further, the bone narrows in size, descends and becomes very thin. All this is due to a decrease in bone mass in it. The sinus correction treatment aims to force extra bone mass and increase its size. The smaller it is and the larger the sinus, the more difficult it is to place dental implants and restore the beauty of your smile.

Causes of Bone Atrophy:

Types of Sinus Lifting in Turkey

Doctors divide the sinus raise treatment into two types:

  • closed sinus lift;
  • open sinus lift;


Closed sinus raise is considered a less invasive solution for bone mass restoration. Doctors choose this method when it is necessary to restore bone mass in a small amount. Typically, surgeons perform a closed sinus raise along with the placement of dental implants. In this case, the operation lasts from one hour to one and a half hours. The healing process of the sinus correction with a closed method takes place within seven days after treatment. And after 6 months, complete regeneration of the bone occurs. Immediately after that, the doctor can put on dentures.

Stages of Closed Bone Augmentation

In the first stage, the doctor consults the patients and tells them how the treatment will be carried out. This stage is the same for a large number of dental operations including sinus raising. Before starting any surgical intervention, the doctor needs to see X-Rays of the oral cavity, as well as CT scans. All this is necessary in order to correctly determine the method of treatment and cure the patient’s problem, and not add insult to injury.

In the second stage, the doctor does sinus raise. With the closed method, the surgeon makes a hole in the jawbone that leads to the sinus. Further, the task of the doctor is to increase the bone mass with the help of a special material, using the hole that has formed. Before this, the doctor also corrects the lower part of the sinus.

In the third stage, the doctor inserts implants and sews up the jaw.

Open Sinus Lifting

The open sinus lifting is a more surgically invasive procedure. During this treatment, doctors of the TurDent dental clinic also need to use more materials to get a really good sinus lifting result. Therefore, this method of sinus raising may be more expensive, because there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Treatment implies a longer recovery period after it. With this method of sinus raising, the simultaneous installation of implants is almost never possible. Most often implants are installed only after 3-4 months. This feature is a consequence of the fact that the operation is indeed more complex than the previous method, and requires more time to restore the bone and soft tissues.

Stages of Open Bone Augmentation

The first stage and the last stage are almost completely similar to the previous method. The main difference lies directly in the process of treatment.

In the open method, the doctor makes a hole in the patient’s jaw. After that, with the help of special dental instruments, he corrects the shape of the sinus and introduces a material that restores bone mass. Due to the depth of the hole in the patient’s jaw, using the open method, it is possible to increase the bone mass in more amounts than during the previous method. The surgery is completed after several months, as soon as the doctor of the TurDent clinic installed your new implants.


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