All-on-6 Dental Implants in Turkey

All-on-6 Dental Implants Turdent

All-on-6 Dental Implants in Turkey is a method of placing implants on the entire jaw, with the complete absence of teeth. And every year the dentists of TurDent clinic gain more and more experience in performing such operations.

Every year we help to restore the natural beauty of teeth to thousands of patients, finding an individual approach to each client and to each problem. All-on-6 dental implants is one of the ways we deal with the most complex cases of tooth loss in our patients.

Turdent dental treatments Overview
Turdent dental treatments Overview
Turdent dental treatments Overview
Turdent dental treatments Overview


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All-on-6 Dental Implant Treatment in Turkey

All-on-6 is one of the implant installation methods. During this treatment, the doctor places dental bridges using six posts into the person’s bone. The method is widely used by dentists in TurDent clinic. All-on-6 has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as some features that distinguish it from any other treatment protocol.

What is a Dental Implant?

To better understand what the All-on-6 method is, let’s first understand what an implant is. This is a prosthesis that is inserted in the place of a natural human tooth, in a place where there are no teeth. The implant has a specific structure and consists of:

  • post
  • abutment
  • crowns


Dental Implants in Turkey Step post

The post is installed into the jaw of a person. This is the root of the new tooth. It is made of titanium since titanium is considered the most compatible with human tissues and bones. Back in the early days of the development of implantology in dentistry, a series of clinical studies proved the success of the fusion of titanium with bone. After the post is placed into the jaw, it must fuse with the bone. The success of the entire operation depends on this.


Dental Implants in Turkey Step Abutment

An abutment is a kind of connecting part between a crown and a post. After all, doctors cannot put a crown just on the gum. Moreover, the post is fixed with an abutment. This part is also made of titanium, which reduces the risk of allergic skin reactions on the gums, or some unexpected risks during treatment.

Dental Crown

Dental Implants in Turkey Step Crown

The final step is the installation of the crown on the abutment. Dental Crowns can be made from different materials. The quality of the final result depends on what material the patient chooses. For example, crowns made of porcelain are able to mimic the colour and structure of natural tooth enamel much better than crowns made of composite material.

What is the Difference Between All-on-6 Implants and the Single Implant?

The main difference is in the indications for installation and in the components of each dental structure.

The All-on-6 method involves the installation of bridges on six implants into human bones. Unlike a single implant, in the All-on-Six protocol, not every crown has its own root (i.e., post) inside the human bone. In order for such a structure to function, not single crowns are installed, but bridges. At the same time, doctors use the same posts and abutments, with which the entire structure is fixed.

Another difference lies in the indications for each treatment protocol. All-on-6 is used by doctors when a patient is missing all teeth in one jaw. If the patient does not have one tooth or several, then single dental implants are installed.

Benefits of All-on-6 Dental Implantation in Turkey

This protocol has several advantages:

  • Ease of care
  • Stability
  • Durability
  • Price
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Ease of Care

This treatment protocol does not include special dental cleanings. However, it is worth remembering that this treatment is not a panacea for daily oral care. On the contrary, the better you take care of your new teeth, the longer they will last you.

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Stability and Durability

TurDent clinic has performed a huge number of operations by this method over the years of its work. And according to the feedback of our customers, we can confidently guarantee the stability and durability of the All-on-Six implants.

Dental Clinic in Antalya Turdent affordable prices


Despite the guarantee of quality from TurDent clinic, a wealth of experience and the high professionalism of our doctors, we set affordable prices for the services we provide. However, our clinic also has more affordable treatments, such as the All-on-4 treatment protocol.

Types Of Implants
Price in the UK
Price in Europe
Price in Turkey
Single Tooth Implant
£ 830 - £ 2500
€ 900 - € 3200
£ 400 - £ 730
£ 4900 - £ 16500
€ 5600 - € 18700
£ 1600 - £ 3500
£ 10700 - £ 18250
€ 12000 - € 20000
£ 2400 - £ 6500

What is the Difference Between All-on-4 and All-on-6?

Both methods involve the installation of implants on the entire jaw. However, in the first procedure, the doctor installs bridges on four posts, and in the second option, six posts are used. Of course, six posts will hold dental bridges more stable. However, All-on-4 also has its advantages. For more detailed information, please contact our consultants.

In any case, the final treatment protocol will be chosen by the doctor, focusing on your condition of the oral cavity. There is no right or wrong method of treatment, there is only one that suits you better, and one that is worse.


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