Full Mouth Dental Implants in Turkey. Full Set Implants Cost

Full Mouth Dental Implants in Turkey

Let us tell you more about full mouth dental implants and package deals cost in Turkey. Well, implant treatment allows people to restore a full mouth and get an attractive smile with strong teeth after toothlessness. Moreover, this dental surgery is an excellent alternative variant for dental dentures and the opportunity to forget about the discomfort they provide.

Price for Dental Treatment in Turkey

The low cost of dental treatment is the main benefit of Turkish dentistry that attracts people to select our clinic. Turkey is the place where patients do not overpay money to get a full mouth correction. Our dentists will transform your smile and help to get a new appearance. An affordable price for dental care is the opportunity to treat teeth timely. People from other countries can get high-quality dental treatments at a reasonable price. The dental trip is a very popular option today. We want to tell you more about this opportunity and tell you about the benefits you will get with dental tourism. 

Well, patients from the UK or USA can fly to Turkey and get a new smile at an affordable price. This is an excellent option for patients with a limited budget and desire to get a high-quality teeth treatment. It is because our dentists offer not only affordable but also reliable dental care in Turkey.

Types Of Implants
Price in the UK
Price in Europe
Price in Turkey
Single Tooth Implant
£ 830 - £ 2500
€ 900 - € 3200
£ 290 - £ 730
£ 4900 - £ 16500
€ 5600 - € 18700
£ 1600 - £ 3500
£ 10700 - £ 18250
€ 12000 - € 20000
£ 2400 - £ 6500

Full Set of Dental Implants Cost in Turkey?

Dental implants are a popular dental method in Turkey that helps patients who lost their teeth. With this dental treatment, people get new perfect teeth that will serve them for a lifetime. Moreover, implants help to restore chewing function and the aesthetic appearance of their smile. The cost of dental implants can vary due to many factors that affect the final price. For example, you can correct the cost of treatment by choosing the material of bridges or dentures that are the upper part of implants. Furthermore, the price depends on the type of implantation. An approximate cost can vary from £1900 to £8000. Thus, you can choose not only the type of implants, but also correct the price according to your budget. Additionally, you will be able to consult with our dentists, who are happy to help you get the best full mouth restoration.

Full Mouth Dental Implants Turkey Packages option?

What is a full mouth dental implants package in Turkey? Well, this is the special proposal that you can get at the clinic in Turkey. Package deals are the main reason why patients from different countries select Turkey as the best place to get dental care. This option has several benefits such as getting a set of artificial teeth, free dental work and free options that will make your treatment more comfortable.

We want to tell you about the main components of the implant packages that our TurDent clinic in Turkey offers. Well, you will get such free options together with treatment packages:

As you can see, package deals allow patients not only to get dental implants at a reasonable price, but also to get the best treatment experience. Thus, we recommend this option to our patients who want to restore their smile at a low cost and get a quality result at the same time. Moreover, a package deal involves getting a set of dental implants that can include 12 or 14 artificial teeth. Thanks to this, you can restore the entire jaw in one surgery.

Why are full mouth dental implants and package deals cost in Turkey?

Let us tell you about the cost of the implant package in Turkey. This treatment helps people who have a limited budget to replace their teeth. That is why full mouth implant packages are the perfect variant for you if you are looking at a more affordable method than simple implantation to restore the entire jaw. Our client coordinator will inform you about the variant of full mouth implant packages that you can get in our clinic and their price. The package cost varies according to the number of implants and used materials. Our dentist can restore your smile with such types of full mouth implantation as All-on-4 implantation, All-on-6 implantation, or All-on-8 dental implantation. The main difference between them is the number of implants you will need to place. You can read about every type of full mouth implantation in Turkey below.

All-on-4 implantation

One of the most popular options that our clients choose for full mouth restoration is all-on-4 packages in Turkey. This is the best variant for patients who need to replace more than 4 teeth. The cost of an All-on-4 package involves getting 4 implants and a set of all necessary procedures like an X-ray or tomography.  

All-on-6 implantation

You can also choose an All-on-6 implant package. You will get 6 implants that will help to replace your teeth. This option is a suitable variant for people who have weak jaw bones. 6 implants will help natural bone to support artificial teeth.

All-on-8 implantation

All-on-8 implant package involves getting 8 implants that will allow the dentist to restore your full mouth and provide a reliable result. Moreover, you will be able to replace any of the implants in case of its failure. Other screws will still support artificial teeth during this time. 

Well, an approximate full mouth dental implant package cost is £4200 – £9100. Moreover, our dentists will help you choose the suitable type of dental implant for full mouth restoration considering your budget.


Why is it necessary to wait for Fixed Teeth on Implants?

Smile restoration with dental implants will take about 3-5 months. The longest stage of this treatment is the recovery period. You will need to wait 3-4 months until the end of the healing process. Why is it so necessary to wait for fixed teeth on implants a lot of time? The recovery period is the most important stage of whole implant treatment. Your jawbone will need to take a root with implants during this time. This will indicate the readiness of your organism for the final result of the treatment – placement bridges/dentures. However, the healing process can take some time. Thus, the dentist will give you recommendations that will speed up this process. 

Full Mouth Dental Implants Work Process?

The process of full mouth dental implants includes such stages as cavity preparation, placing of titanium screws, and getting bridges or dentures. Our dentist begins the implant treatment with a detailed check of the patient’s oral health. Panoramic X-ray and tomography will allow them to assess the condition of the jaw bone and correctly think through the steps of the implant operation. The implant placement procedure will take about 2-3 hours

The doctor will make incisions into the gums. Then they will make small holes into your bone to place screws. The final stage of the surgery is stitching. After the recovery period, the dentist will cover the screws with bridges or dentures.

Dental Implant Brands We Use in Turkey

We use only “FDA” and “CE” approved brands of dental implants. This allows us to be sure of the results that we offer for our clients. Moreover, the brands that our dentists use are American and European-approved brands. You can be sure that you will get quality implant treatment in our TurDent clinic. Moreover, the result will make you happy for a lifetime. 

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Benefits of Getting Full Mouth Dental Implants at TurDent

Let us tell you more about our TurDent clinic. We help thousands of patients every year and make their life better with quality dental care. Our doctors hardly work to perform the best result for every patient and help them forget about dental diseases that bring discomfort into their life. We use only approved products that provide reliable results of the treatment. Why can you trust our doctors and be sure of their competence? Our dentists perform dozens of treatments per day. Thanks to this, they got an exchange experience that helps them to perform the most difficult dental treatments with excellent final results. Thus, you can be sure that we will help you get the smile of your dreams. Additionally, we offer affordable full mouth dental implants in Turkey.

You will be able to save money, thanks to this. TurDent is the lead clinic that specialises in tourism dentistry. This allows our foreign patients to get quality full mouth dental implants at a lower cost than in the UK or USA. Thus, if you are looking for a place where you can get the best full mouth dental implants, visit our clinic!

Result of Full Mouth Dental Implants Installation in Turkey

You will be able to see the final result only after getting bridges or dentures that are part of full mouth implants and restoration of masticatory function. You can wear dental implants for a lifetime. Moreover, you will be able to replace implants in case of their failure.


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