Dental Implants in Turkey

Dental Implants in Turkey

The installation of Dental Crowns in Turkey is a popular treatment among foreign tourists. In the modern world, due to a number of reasons, teeth are constantly being decayed and dental services are becoming one of the most sought-after niches around the world.

That is why the prices for dental procedures are also rising. Seeking cheaper services with good quality, people are ready to go to any country.

Turkey and TurDent clinic is the perfect option for you to get your new perfect smile .

Turdent dental treatments Overview
Turdent dental treatments Overview
Turdent dental treatments Overview
Turdent dental treatments Overview


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What are Dental Implants?

What are Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Turkey are an artificial replacement for a lost tooth root. It is implanted into the gum tissue, located like a natural tooth root, due to which it is securely fixed in the jaw. Then an abutment (periosteal element) is installed, and a dental crown is fixed on it. All TurDent specialists work to make your dental implants as aesthetic as possible, and your smile is snow-white and perfect.

Through decades of practice and experience with dental implants, modern dentistry has developed flawless treatment protocols. However, it is always worth considering certain risks after such operations.

Dental implants are prostheses that are inserted into a place where there are no teeth. They have a specific structure. Dental implants are made up of:

  • the post that is inserted into the jawbone
  • the abutment, which is placed on top of the post
  • the dental crown, which often imitates the entire structure of a tooth

Treatment is complex, so it is always carried out in two stages. All stages of the treatment protocol must be completed to make dental implants durable and stable. To do this, the patient will have to fly to Turkey at least twice, if there are no complications during the period of recovery of the patient’s jaw.

Types Of Implants
Price in the UK
Price in Europe
Price in Turkey
Single Tooth Implant
£ 830 - £ 2500
€ 900 - € 3200
£ 290 - £ 730
£ 4900 - £ 16500
€ 5600 - € 18700
£ 1600 - £ 3500
£ 10700 - £ 18250
€ 12000 - € 20000
£ 2400 - £ 6500

Methods of Installing Dental Implants in Turkey

Modern dentistry in Turkey offers the installation of both individual dental implants and implants on the entire jaw or part of it.

Each method has its pros and cons. TurDent clinic provides the following services:

  • Dental implants All-on-4 installation
  • Dental implants All-on-6 installation
  • Dental implants All-on-8 installation
  • Dental implants All-on-12 installation
  • Dental implants 3-on-6 installation

All-on-4 Dental Implants

All-on-4 Dental implants Turdent

This method of dental implant placement involves the installation of dental implants on the entire jaw, using four posts. It is primarily suitable for patients who suffer from bone atrophy and who are missing teeth in the entire jaw.

The main advantage of this method is the ability to install them on a bone that already has atrophied. This is made possible due to the fact that the posts are placed in the jaw at a specific angle. However, during the placement of the All-on-4 implants, the doctor may also treat bone atrophy by increasing bone mass.

All-on-6 Dental Implants

All-on-6 Dental Implants Turdent

All-on-6 implants involve the installation of full-jaw bridges on six posts. The method is suitable for people who do not have teeth in the entire jaw. A contraindication to the installation using this method is the presence of a disease of bone atrophy.

All-on-8 and All-on-12 Dental Implants

All-on-8 and All-on-12 Dental Implants Turdent

These methods differ little from each other, except for the price. All-on-8 involves the implant installation on 8 posts inside the jaw. All-on-12 involves the dental implant installation on 12 posts in the jaw.

Another important difference between these methods from each other is reliability and stability. It should be understood that the more posts are used to install dental implants, the more reliable and stable the crowns will be.

However, in everything good there is always something bad and vice-versa. The more implants the doctor inserts into the patient’s jaw, the higher the level of the trauma of the procedure. Accordingly, the period of bone fusion with the post may be longer.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the number of posts used also affects the price. The more posts used, the higher the price will be. However, it is worth noting that the clients of the TurDent clinic pay for the vast experience of our specialists, the reliability and stability of dental implants for many years after the procedure, and for their comfort throughout the treatment.

The 3-on-6 Dental Implants

The 3-on-6 Dental Implants Turdent

This method of dental implant installation has some differences from previous treatment protocols. Doctors use 3 dental bridges and install them on 6 posts. This method has both advantages and disadvantages.

The 3-on-6 implants are undoubtedly more reliable than, for example, All-on-4 implants. Also, the 3-on-6 implants are easier to care for. They do not require special dental cleanings in dental offices, but only regular brushing with a toothbrush, twice a day.

On the other side, they have a number of contraindications, such as bone atrophy disease. In addition, the high level of trauma during the procedure can be considered a disadvantage of this treatment protocol.

It should be understood that the more posts are installed in the patient’s jaw, the higher the invasiveness of the entire operation will be. And as a result, the healing process will be longer. However, our doctors are professionals in their field. We will do our best to help the patient recovers as quickly as possible, and to carry out the treatment as comfortably as possible.

Brands that Manufacture Dental Implants

Nowadays, the dental implant market is overflowing with different offers from different brands. Which of them are the most reliable and guarantee almost one hundred per cent result, we will consider below.

Brand Names

One of the most famous and quality brands nowadays are:

  • Straumann Group
  • Nobel Biocare
  • Dentsply Sirona

These brands make premium dental implants. Premium implants are considered the best solution in modern dentistry. For any quality product, of course, you need to pay its price. Therefore, the main disadvantage of premium dental implants is their price.


Straumann Group

Straumann Group dental implants are made in Switzerland. This brand is the world leader in the manufacture of dental products. The implants of this company are made of high-quality material. They boast a high percentage of successful operations carried out using their products. Clinical trials show that Straumann Group implants have the best bone and dental implant fusion percentage. TurDent clinic has the best experience with this brand.


Nobel Biocare

This is the second largest developer in the world among manufacturers of dental products. Nobel Biocare was the first in the world who made dental implants. A short time later, Straumann Group implants entered the market. Nobel Biocare dental implants offer superior aesthetics, reliability, and an effective solution to any patient's challenging health situation.


Dentsply Sirona

It is the third-largest manufacturer of dental implants in the world. Dentsply Sirona offers premium and business-class implants. Business-class implants are a good alternative for those who want a cheaper solution.

Dental Implant Care Tips

Qualitatively installed implants serve a person even longer than ordinary teeth. However, in order for this to happen, you must remember to constantly care for them, as if they were your natural teeth. Here are some tips:

Keep these tips in mind and follow them, and then your new teeth will serve you all your life.


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