Same Day Dental Implants in Turkey

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Turdent dental treatments Overview
Turdent dental treatments Overview

If you want to install dental implants but need to have your teeth extracted before the surgery or save time, then same day dental implants in Turkey are the perfect choice. These implants can be installed after tooth extraction and support low-pressure dental prostheses immediately after installation.

These implants can give you functional replacements for missing teeth in a day and are perfect for patients who have lost all their teeth. Same day implants at TurDent are affordable and use supplies by international implant manufacturers to give patients tooth replacements of the highest quality.


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Is it possible to get new teeth in a day in Turkey?

Any patient who wants to replace and restore missing or very damaged teeth in a day can do so with same day implant treatments. Dental implants are installed to replace the roots of the missing teeth. When they form a strong connection with the surrounding bone through a process called osseointegration, dental implants can support external dental prostheses, such as fixed bridges. Osseointegration can take more than half a year. But same day implants can support low-pressure bridges and crowns immediately after installation, without waiting for osseointegration to complete. 

same day dental implants

They are the perfect choice for patients who don’t want to wait until they can use their new teeth.

One day dental implants vs traditional implants Turkey

Dental Implants Turdent

Traditional implant treatment

Traditional dental implants are installed in three stages. The dentist removes any teeth that are interfering with the surgery first. Then, the patient needs to wait until their gums heal. The next stage of implant installation begins after the patient recovers fully. The dentist will install dental implants, and the patient will need to wait for osseointegration. Once it is completed, the dentist will install external dental prostheses. When using traditional dental implants, the patient needs to wait up to ten months until they get functioning, full-pressure teeth replacements.

Dental Implants Turdent

One-day implant treatment

Same day dental implants are installed in two stages. First, the doctor will extract the teeth, install the implants and place low-pressure prostheses on them. These prostheses are functional tooth replacements, the only difference from permanent prostheses is that they don’t allow the patient to use his full bite force. The second stage of the treatment is performed after osseointegration has been completed, about six months after the first one. The dentists will remove the low-pressure prostheses and install permanent bridges or crowns. The treatment is completed after this stage. With same day implants, the patient gets functioning tooth replacements on the first day of the treatment, and the full-pressure replacements after six months.


What is the new teeth in a day cost Turkey?

Getting treatment at TurDent will allow you to save money on high-quality dental implants. We offer the same implants that are used in the best clinics in the UK. The average price of an implant treatment at our clinic is £400.

The smile in a day cost in Turkey is so affordable because local clinics do not need to spend as much as clinics in the UK to operate. Local commercial rent costs, as well as costs of other services, are much lower, so there is no need to increase prices to cover them. In addition, the Turkish government offers clinics many types of aid to allow them to use the best supplies and technology without sharp price increases.

Types Of Implants
Price in the UK
Price in Europe
Price in Turkey
Single Tooth Implant
£ 830 - £ 2.500
€ 900 - € 3.200
£ 290 - £ 730
£ 4.900 - £ 16.500
€ 5.600 - € 18.700
£ 1.600 - £ 3.500
£ 10.700 - £ 18.250
€ 12.000 - € 20.000
£ 2.400 - £ 6.500

What are the advantages of single-day dental implants?

Single-day implant treatments have many advantages over traditional ones, such as:

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Who is suitable for single-day implant installation?


Patients who are over the age of eighteen and do not have life-threatening diseases can get dental implant treatments at our clinic. Patients with low jawbone density may need a bone graft before implant installation.


Several conditions are associated with greater chances of implant failure, some of which are addressable by the patient. For example, smokers are at greater risk of implant osseointegration failure, as are patients with poor oral hygiene.


To increase the chances of a successful treatment, the patient should avoid nicotine and have good oral hygiene. The dentist will give detailed recommendations on implant care after the surgery.


Patients with bruxism risk damaging external dental prostheses since they are vulnerable to repeated mechanical damage, such as involuntary teeth grinding. The dentist may recommend that these patients use a mouthguard while sleeping to protect their tooth replacements.

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