Dental Fillings in Turkey

Dental Fillings Procedure in Turkey

Learn more about quick teeth fixing with dental fillings in Turkey. In this article, you will read about how much a filling in turkey is, the steps of treatment, and the result you will get after the procedure. We are sure that this information will help you decide whether the dental filling is right for you.

Treatment overview
Treatment overview
Turdent dental treatments Overview
Turdent dental treatments Overview


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What is Dental Filling Treatment in Turkey?

A tooth cavity filling is a common dental treatment in Turkey. This dental method involves tooth fixing with filling material. This procedure allows patients with decayed teeth to restore the attractive appearance of their smiles. Moreover, your teeth will be durable and will serve you for the long term after the procedure. You can also replace fillings over time. The dentist can choose the colour of the filling material to match your smile. Thanks to this, you can get a very natural final result

Dental Filling Treatment in Turkey

Thus, if you want to treat deeply decayed teeth, the dentist will recommend dental fillings. Dental fillings are a method suitable for correcting teeth that have been deeply harmed and have lost most of their materials. Moreover, this treatment restores teeth chewing function. Modern technologies allow our dentists to fit filling material to teeth in just 1-2 hours. Local anaesthesia helps patients to feel comfortable during the procedure.

How much is a filling in Turkey?

Is the tooth filling cost in Turkey  lower than in other countries? Turkish clinics offer affordable dental care. Thanks to this, people can treat their teeth at a price that is suitable to their budget. Moreover, the reasonable cost of dental teeth treatment is an excellent opportunity for foreign patients. They get quality dental procedures for lower prices than in their countries. The most frequent clients of our TurDent clinic are patients from the UK. The big difference in prices for dental procedures allows them to save money.

Is the low cost of dental care in Turkey an indication of the low quality of dentists’ work? The reason for a reasonable price is the cost of living in our country which is lower than in the UK. Moreover, currency exchange makes the treatment of foreigners more affordable. Thus, the low price of dental care does not mean that you will get a low-quality dental procedure.

Dental filling costs can vary according to the type of filling material, the scope of work, and the doctor’s quality. Thus, you can find out the final price only after consultation with the dentist. They will check your oral cavity and plan the procedure step. You can choose the type of dental filling material that suits your budget and your wishes. Our dentists will help you make the decision and inform you about the benefits of each type. An approximate price of tooth filling is £35 – £80 in our TurDent clinic.


Dental Filling Types

There are several types of tooth fillings in Turkey. Each of them is used to fix the tooth structure. Our dentist will recommend you one of them according to tooth location, decay size and oral health. Moreover, our dentists will help you to choose the type of tooth filling material considering your budget. If you plan to fix several teeth, you can get different fillers for each tooth. Let us tell you about the most common types of tooth filling materials. These are Composite, Ceramic, and Porcelain dental fillings.

Composite Fillings

Composite Fillings in Turkey

Composite is a white tooth filling material. Dentists use blue light filling devices for curing these fillers. This type of dental filler is made of a plastic mixture and silicon dioxide particles. Thanks to this, Composite fillers are durable and aesthetic. Thus, you can fix your front and back teeth with Composite material. This method includes two stages of the treatment. However, Composite fillers are the best solution for broken, intermittent, worn teeth.

Ceramic Fillings

Ceramic Fillings in Turkey

Ceramic fillings are one of the most natural-looking methods of tooth restoration. They are made of medical-grade porcelain. This material looks like lite tooth enamel. The dentist can select a suitable shade of Ceramic filling material to provide an aesthetic result. Moreover, this material is stain resistant. That is why your smile will have an aesthetic appearance in the long term. Ceramic filling materials are also known as Inlays and Onlays. They are the best option for teeth with deep decay and need significant restoration. However, this method is more expensive than Composite fillers.

Porcelain Fillings

Porcelain teeth filling in Turkey

Porcelain fillings are the most popular type of tooth treatment method. The dentist restores the tooth in two stages. First of all the doctor will get rid of decay and take measures on your tooth. You can get your porcelain filling in 2-4 days after the first stage of the treatment. The second stage involves fitting and abrasion filling. Porcelain is a material that is not only aesthetic and durable but also compatible with the gums. Thus, patients do not suffer from red and irritated gums after the treatment. Furthermore, you can use this method to restore deeply damaged teeth.

Which type of Dental Filling is better?

The dentist can choose one of the dental filler types according to the result of the checking patient’s cavity. Each material has its benefits. Thus, we can not select which of them is better, because they are different and suitable for different teeth. Thus, only the dentist can choose the dental filling for tooth restoration.

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Does dental filling treatment involve a nerve removal procedure?

The dentist tells the patient to do an X-ray or tomography to check tooth roots. If the decay caries have reached the nerves of the tooth, it is an indication of the pulpitis. As a rule, patients who suffer from pulpitis feel pain in the evening. In such cases, the dentist recommends getting a tooth nerve removal procedure. The endodontist will perform the nerve removal procedure. It will take about 2 hours. Moreover, patients do a second X-ray. This allows the endodontist to check out the result of the nerve removal procedure. Thus, you can be sure of the quality of the treatment.

Stages of the treatment


The dentist will begin the dental tooth filling procedure with an examination of your oral cavity. This is the necessary stage that allows the dentist to plan the treatment right.


Then the dentist will get rid of the decay that damaged your tooth. This procedure may take about 1-2 hours. The doctor will use local anaesthesia. This will help to relieve the pain during the procedure.


You may need to get a nerve removal procedure. However, this is not a necessary step in the treatment. The dentist will tell you to do a nerve removal procedure if they notice the sign of the pulpitis.


The doctor must take impressions of your tooth. This will help the clinical laboratory to perform the perfect dental tooth filling for you. The doctor will prepare your tooth.


You will need to visit the clinic a second time to get the tooth filling. The dentist will fit it to your tooth and abrase it to get perfect form.

Who is the right candidate for Dental Filling in Turkey?

A tooth filling is one the most common procedures at our TurDent clinic in Turkey. This method allows patients to restore tooth structure in the short term. This dental procedure is necessary for people who suffer from deep decay that has harmed their teeth. Dental fillings help restore tooth attractive appearance and chewing function. Thus, if you want to get a reliable method of tooth fix, a dental filling is the perfect option for you. The suitable candidates for this procedure are patients;

Replacement fillings in Turkey

Tooth fillings can be replaced over time. Teeth can be harmed by decay a second time. The dentist will need to replace the filling to treat your tooth. Thus, the doctor also needs to take new measures on your tooth to perform a new filling.

Advantages of Teeth filling Turkey

You will get such benefits with a tooth filling Turkey:

Possible Risks from Dental Fillings in Turkey

How much would a filling be in Turkish holding?

The result of the procedure will last up to 5-7 years with proper daily care. Remember to take care of your oral cavity every day.


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