Bone Grafting in Turkey

Bone Grafting in Turkey

Bone grafting in Turkey is a dental method of restoring the bone mass of the jaw. The technique, also called bone augmentation, is innovative and is used for dental implant treatment when the patient’s own jaw bone volume is insufficient to securely fix the prosthesis. Bone grafting at the TurDent dental clinic in Turkey  increases the chances of fast healing, so you will be beside yourself with joy.

Turdent dental treatments Overview
Turdent dental treatments Overview
Turdent dental treatments Overview
Turdent dental treatments Overview


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Dental Bone Grafting in Turkey: In which cases?

Bone augmentation is essentially an operation to create a bed for an artificial tooth root. In some cases, the procedure is performed just before the dental implant is placed. And sometimes the patient will have to undergo a separate operation before the denture.

In order for the implant to take root successfully, it must be surrounded by sufficient thickness (3 mm or more) on all sides. If the examination before the implant treatment reveals insufficient bone volume or its quality is not satisfactory, the doctor necessarily prescribes a procedure, which is bone regrowth.

Dental Bone Grafting Stages TurDent

The prolonged absence of a tooth is one of the leading causes of atrophy, but not the only one. The main indications for which bone augmentation at the TurDent clinic in Turkey can be prescribed:

What is Sinus Lifting?

A sinus lifting is a procedure to build up bone in the area of the maxillary sinuses. These are located on the upper jaw to the left and right of the nose. Most people have the roots of their maxillary jaw teeth initially located in the maxillary sinuses, so there is not enough bone to place a dental implant after the extraction of these teeth. The teeth closest to the maxillary sinuses are the molars (sixth and seventh teeth), the premolars (fourth and fifth teeth), and sometimes the canines. Sinus lifting is one of the most modern techniques, and is used by dentists at the TurDent dental clinic in Turkey.

Sinus Lifting Turdent

The sinus lift is indicated if implants need to be placed only on the maxillary bone. There are two types of sinus osteoplasty: closed and open. The method of implanting the bone mass is divided into ultrasonic and balloon sinus lift. Closed and open surgical interventions are of principal importance. The sinus lift can be prescribed by a doctor along with an augmentation.

How is Bone Augmentation Done in Turkey?

Bone grafting of the lower jaw requires the preparation of the patient. At the preoperative stage, the doctor at the TurDent dental clinic in Turkey performs sanation of the oral cavity and removal of all inflammatory foci. This is necessary to prevent postoperative complications.

The operation before implant treatment consists of the following steps:

Anaesthesia of the jaw area where the augmentation is to be performed.
Making an incision in the bone, exposing the area to be augmented.
Placement and anchoring of the dental material.
Applying a special membrane to fix the material and protect the oral cavity from infection.
Suturing the gums with a self-absorbable material.

Natural or synthetic bone is used for augmentation. The cost of augmentation with natural material is higher, but the tissue adheres well. The cost of artificial materials is lower, but the survival rate is not so high.

Grafting is a safe procedure when performed by experienced professionals at the modern TurDent dental clinic in Turkey. The average healing time of the bone graft substitute is 3-4 months, after which the patient can have the implant placed. Treatment may seem too long, but good things come to those who wait.


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