Wisdom Teeth Removal in Turkey

Wisdom Teeth Removal Process in Turkey

Let us tell you about one of the most common and necessary dental operations – wisdom teeth removal in Turkey. This procedure helps patients to protect their teeth and bones from damage. Today, we will talk about the molar wisdom tooth extraction procedure. You will find information about the whole treatment process and recovery period. If you want to know all the necessary details about the tooth extraction procedure, read this article.

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How Much the Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Turkey

Our TurDent offers the best cost of wisdom teeth removal Turkey. Visit us to get quality dental care. Our dentists will improve your oral health and smile appearance at an affordable price. We want to inform you why the price of the most common dental treatments is lower in Turkey than in the UK and USA. The reason for this is the lower cost of living in Turkey than in other countries. Thanks to this, people from countries such as the UK or USA visit our clinic and get teeth treatment at a reasonable price. Moreover, we will provide you with the best dental care. You will come back home with a perfect and confident smile.

An approximate wisdom tooth extraction treatment price is £85 – £110. The cost of the procedure can vary according to the treatment complicity required and dental pathology. The dentist can tell you the exact price of a tooth extraction operation after detailed checking your oral health.


How is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Performed in Turkey?

The dental surgeon performs wisdom tooth extraction surgery in just one visit. They begin the procedure by making a small incision into the patient’s gum. Then the surgeon will remove the part of the jawbone that covers and blocks a wisdom tooth. The dentist needs to divide the tooth.

This helps the doctor to remove it in pieces. The next step involves cleaning the site of the extracted tooth from any remnants. Then the surgeon will stitch the wound if this is necessary. This speeds up the healing process of the surgery area. Also, the dental surgeon will press the gauze over the extraction site. This is a necessary step that helps to control bleeding. 

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Turkey

Using Anaesthesia During Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The patient can feel discomfort and even pain during the surgery of wisdom tooth removal Turkey. This is because this procedure can involve making incisions to remove the tooth hidden behind the jawbone. Thus, our doctors use one of three types of anaesthesia to care about the patient’s comfort during the operation. Let us tell you about each of them.

Local anaesthesia

The doctor will administer local anaesthesia by making one or more injections into your gum to numb them. You will be awake during the procedure. However, you will not feel any pain, thanks to the effect of local anaesthesia.

Sedative anaesthesia

Sedative anaesthesia involves depressing your consciousness during the operation. The surgeon will give you anaesthesia through an IV in your arm. You will not feel pain or discomfort during the procedure.

General anaesthesia

If you choose general anaesthesia, you will not remember the surgery at all. The surgeon will inhale the medicine from your nose or through a vein in your arm. As a result, you will wake up after the procedure with perfect well-being.

How long does the Tooth Extraction Operation take?

The dental surgeon performs wisdom teeth surgery Turkey in just 15-20 minutes. However, the duration of the procedure can increase according to such factors as the convection jawbone with the tooth, the number of tooth roots, tooth position, and the fracture level of the tooth. If your tooth is problematic, the time of operation can increase to 1-1,5 hours.

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Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extraction Operation in Turkey

Impacted wisdom teeth can bring a lot of discomfort into your life. Patients with impacted teeth may suffer from swelling of gums, decay, pulpits, bad breath, and tooth tissue loss. You can get rid of these problems in just one visit to our TurDent clinic in Turkey. Our dentists will help you forget about impacted, broken teeth, and even partially erupted wisdom teeth. No-problematic wisdom teeth can be removed without the operation. The doctor can decide this by using an X-ray image. However, if you have problematic teeth (teeth blocked by the bon), the dentist will need to perform impacted wisdom tooth extraction surgery.

How to Understand that you need Impacted Wisdom Tooth Operation?

The dental surgeon asks patients to take an X-ray. This is the first step of the treatment. X-ray picture allows the dentist to decide if they need to make an incision to remove the tooth. Also, the doctor will find out if there are any cysts in your wisdom tooth. In such cases, cyst treatment should be performed first of all. Thus, the dentist can plan the procedure steps only after a detailed oral cavity check.

The Healing Process after Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Turkey

The recovery period after the tooth extraction operation can take about 14 days. This period can be difficult for you and bring some discomfort into your life. However, our doctors will tell you how to speed up the healing process. They will prescribe you painkillers to relieve the pain. You can also suffer from gum swelling, jaw soreness, and bleeding. However, it will pass in a week after the operation. You should also care about your oral health and remember to follow your daily routine during the healing process. Moreover, doctors recommend avoiding hot beverages, smoking, and alcohol. This can badly affect the healing process and increase the duration of the recovery period.

High-quality Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Turkey

If you want to find the answer to the popular question, “Where is it better to get my wisdom teeth removed Turkey?”, you just need to learn more about our TurDent clinic and the services that we offer. You can be sure of the quality of the wisdom tooth extraction operation at our clinic. We use the best anaesthesia and dental products. Moreover, our dentists are doctors with extensive experience who provide high-quality dental treatment with excellent final results. Well, welcome to our clinic, and get the best dental treatment at a reasonable price and in the short term!


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