Zirconia Dental Implants in Turkey

Zirconia Dental Implants in Turkey

This article is suitable for everyone who wants to get a perfect smile with Zirconia dental implants in Turkey. We will tell you all the important information about this procedure and will help you to prepare for the treatment. Read this article and learn about the cost, performance and benefits of Zirconia implants.

Price for Zirconia Implant Surgery in Turkey

Our patients can get the perfect smile and forget about the problem of toothlessness with dental implants not only in the short term but also at a reasonable price. Let us tell you why our TurDent clinic offers such affordable prices. Our entire team works every day to help you get quality dental treatment and leave our clinic happy with a new perfect smile. A low cost of living and government allow our doctors to offer their work at a reasonable price. Moreover, money exchange makes dental treatment for foreign patients more affordable. Thus, people from all around the world visit our TurDent clinic to save money on teeth treatment. You also can use this chance and get a new smile at a lower price than in your country.

Zirconia dental implant costs can vary from £1000 to £1900. There are several factors that are the reason for this. Moreover, you can correct the cost according to your budget. First of all, you can choose the type of implantation. Moreover, the cost will depend on the number of implants that you plan to get.

What is Zirconia Dental Implant Surgery in Turkey?

Zirconia Dental Implant Surgery in Turkey

Zirconia implants in the treatment involve restoring the smile with artificial teeth. The process of implant placement allows patients to solve a popular dental problem of toothlessness and is the best alternative to dentures. Thus, if you need to replace teeth, dental implants will help you to get a permanent result in the short term. This treatment is one of the most popular dental procedures in Turkey. 

People want to get dental implants in Turkey to forget about the discomfort of toothlessness. Moreover, you will get a natural feeling result. New artificial teeth will serve you for a lifetime and will be comfortable to use.


Full mouth rehabilitation

What is full mouth rehabilitation and who does need this option? Well, our TurDent clinic in Turkey can help you replace 1-2 teeth with implants or restore the entire jaw with a set of implants. You can correct the upper and lower jaw at the same time with full-mouth dental implantation. Our clinic offers a set of 6, 8, and 12, Zirconia implants. You can also choose the type of implantation according to your needs. TurDent clinic offers all-on-4, all-on-6 and 3-on-6 dental implantation.

Pros and Cons of Zirconia Dental Implants in Turkey



The Difference Between Zirconia and Titanium Implants

Titanium and Zirconia implants are very similar and can be suitable for the same options. They have the same bone-to-screw contact, which provides perfect stability for implants. However, there are several distinctions between implants that are made from titanium and zirconium.

Difference Between Zirconia and Titanium Implants

Zirconium is strong and aesthetic. That is why implants that are made of this material provide excellent smile restoration. Moreover, Zirconium does not contain metal. Thus, people with allergies to metal can get these implants.

Zirconia and Titanium Implants

Titanium implants are a traditional type of implant that involves using titanium screws. They replace the tooth roots and support crowns. Titanium screws are one of the most popular options among patients because of the reliable result they provide. They are durable and with higher flexural strength than other types. However, titanium screws can be dangerous for patients with allergies to metal.

The Implants Treatment Process in Turkey

The process of getting Zirconia implants involves several visits to the dental clinic. Your first consultation is the main stage of the whole treatment. You will be able to choose the type of implantation and plan the stage of the procedure. The dentist will check your oral health and find out if you can get Zirconia implants. Our experienced doctors will help you to prepare for implant surgery.

You can get dental implants in just 1-2 hours. The procedure involves using local anaesthesia to relieve the pain during the operation. Thus, if you suffer from dental phobia, anaesthesia is an excellent option for you. It will allow you to get dental treatment without any discomfort. The dentist will make a small incision into your gum to see the bone and make a hole in it. Then they will place the Zirconia implant into the bone and stitch. This process is the last stage of the first implant surgery phase.

Zirconia Implants Treatment Process in Turkey

The second phase of implant treatment involves two stages. The first of them involves covering implants with crowns or bridges. However, the dentist can perform this procedure only after the healing process. That is why you will be able to get some rest after implant placement surgery. Implants will take a root with your jawbone. It can take time. If the dentist checks that your cavity is ready for the next stage of treatment, they will fit the crowns to implants with special glue. The last stage is the recovery period after the end of the treatment. This process will not take a lot of your time. However, you can suffer from discomfort on the first days after treatment. You can get painkillers to relieve these feelings.

Who Are Not Good Candidates to Get Zirconia Implants?

Good Candidates to Get Zirconia Implants

You can get Zirconia implants if you want to replace the tooth or restore a whole smile. This option is suitable for every patient who wants to get a permanent solution for toothlessness. However, they are not good options for people who plan to get implant-supported dentures. It is better to prefer titanium implants in such cases.

Are Zirconia Implants Safe?

Zirconia implants are safe due to their perfect biocompatibility. They are metal-free, and may be safe for patients who suffer from allergies to the metal and cannot get titanium implants. Thus, implants with screws made of zirconium are the best alternative to traditional implants.


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