Getting Teeth Fixed in Turkey: Advantages and the Best Dental Procedures

Getting Teeth Fixed in Turkey

Are you considering getting your teeth fixed in Turkey, but you have some questions about the costs, quality, and safety of procedures and whether it is worth it?

Discover the benefits of having your teeth treated by experienced Turkish dentists. Get in touch with us today to start your journey to a confident, healthy smile.

Turdent dental treatments Overview
Tooth Extraction in Turkey Overview
Tooth Extraction in Turkey Overview
Tooth Extraction in Turkey Overview


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Why get teeth fixed in Turkey?

There are many reasons why getting dental work done in Turkey is becoming more and more popular. Some of them are:

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What Dental Services Are Available in Turkey?

Turkey provides a wide range of dental therapies to meet your unique needs. You can get the following dental methods and fix your teeth in Turkey:

Routine dental check-ups

To maintain good oral hygiene and detect potential dental issues early, Turkey offers regular dental check-ups, which include cleaning and examination teeth.

What is Smile Makeover in Turkey


Cavities and damaged teeth are restored by dental fillings. There are tooth-coloured composite fillings as well as conventional amalgam fillings.

Composite Fillings in Turkey

Teeth whitening

To brighten and improve the appearance of your teeth, we offer expert teeth whitening. You can benefit from in-office or take-home kit options.

Teeth Whitening in Turkey

Dental crowns and bridges

Dental bridges are used to fill up gaps left by missing teeth, while dental crowns are used to cover and protect weakening or damaged teeth. Porcelain, metal, or a combination of both can be used to create these restorations.

Dental crowns

Dental implants

Implants are a well-known way of replacing missing teeth. Turkish dental clinics provide implant surgery in addition to crown or bridge.

Dental Implants Packages for everyone in Turkey

Dental veneers

They are thin, custom-made shells attached to the front of teeth to improve their aesthetics. Discolouration, misalignment, and small flaws can all be fixed with veneers.

Veneers ın turkey


Orthodontic treatments are offered to repair crooked teeth and improve bite alignment. These include braces and transparent aligners (like Invisalign).

Dental Braces in Turkey

Root canal treatment

Turkish dentists can perform root canal operations to save infected or damaged teeth by removing infected pulp and sealing the tooth.

Root canal treatment in Turkey


Missing teeth can be replaced with whole or partial dentures, which can restore both function and appearance.

Dentures in Turkey

Oral Surgeries

Turkish dental clinics provide a variety of oral treatments, including bone grafting for dental implants, gum surgery (periodontal surgery), and wisdom teeth extraction.

Where to Get Your Perfect Smile in Turkey

Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic procedures like gum contouring, gum grafting, and smile makeovers, besides veneers, are available to improve the appearance of your teeth and gums.

Composite Bonding Aftercare
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How can you have your teeth fixed in Turkey?

There are various steps involved in getting dental work done. A guide on how to do it is provided below:


Where can I get dental work done in Turkey?

Depending on your specific needs, preferences, and financial situation, you can choose where to get dental work done in Turkey. Here are some well-known cities known for their dental tourism offerings.


One of Turkey’s major cities and a popular dental tourism destination is Istanbul. There are many clinics, many of which have cutting-edge technology and qualified dentists. From simple cleanings to complex operations like implants and aesthetic dentistry, a wide range of treatments are available here.



The dental tourism sector is growing in Izmir, a coastal city. It has well-known clinics that provide a range of services.



Another popular location for dental tourists is Antalya, situated on the stunning Turkish Riviera. The city is a desirable alternative for patients who want to combine care with a pleasant holiday because it offers a variety of clinics and a gorgeous coastline landscape.



As Turkey’s capital city, Ankara is home to many clinics with a reputation for offering high-quality care.


Why to choose TurDent

TurDent has been offering successful and satisfying operations to fix teeth in Turkey for years, which have been proven by the reviews of our previous patients and the significant changes you can check out in our before and after  photo gallery.

Your safety, comfort, and expectations are our priorities while planning our treatment details, options, and possibilities.

You are only a flight away from your dream smile! Visit Turkey to enjoy the excellence of quality.



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