Laminate veneers in Turkey cost. What to expect?

Laminate Veneer treatment in Turkey

If you dream about perfect teeth, you can try laminate veneer treatment turkey. As a result of this treatment, you will get a charming smile that will make you more confident. Well, change your life with Laminate veneer treatment in our TurDent clinic in Turkey. We prepare the best treatment experience for you.

What is a Laminate Veneer treatment in Turkey?

Laminate veneers are one type of porcelain shell. This is a dental treatment that became popular thanks to the quick smile restoration it provides. People can get laminate teeth in 3-5 days and forget about the most serious dental problems such as yellow smile, small tooth damage, uneven surface of the teeth and others. All these aesthetic imperfections our dentist will cover with thin and light shells in a very short time.

The dentist will prepare the minimum surface of the tooth to place laminate veneers. Moreover, laminate shells are so thin that the doctor can place them without teeth preparation at all. This is the main benefit of Laminate veneer treatment. This procedure is a completely safe method for smile correction. Furthermore, dentists offer this procedure for patients who suffer from tooth sensitivity.

Laminate veneers in Turkey

Laminate shells are thin dental shells with thicknesses between 0.1 mm-0.4 mm. Despite this, they are very durable and reliable. You will not need to worry about their withstanding of pleasure while chewing food. Laminate teeth will serve you for 10-20 years with proper care.

Veneers Teeth treatment in Turkey

TurDent clinic offers the best laminate veneers Turkey price that is suitable for everyone. As a result, every patient can get laminate teeth to correct the appearance of their smile in the short term. Our dentists have extensive practice in placing veneers thanks to the large number of patients that visit our treatment. Dental trips in Turkey allow people from other countries to visit our TurDent clinics and get affordable dental treatment. Our doctors are able to choose an individual approach to each patient and ensure a final result that will meet all their expectations. You can be sure that you will get the best treatment experience at our clinic.

Another benefit of our TurDent clinic is the huge selection of dental procedures. We try to make treatment suitable for every patient. Thus, you can choose the materials of the products, adjust the price and even agree on a treatment plan according to your free time.

Our doctors try to help you get the best treatment experience and go back home with the best impressions.

Types of Veneers

Turdent Dental Veneers


Turdent Dental Veneers


Cost of Veneer Treatment in Turkey

Well, how much are laminate veneers turkey? This is the most popular question that is interesting for people who plan to get dental veneers abroad. According to the patients’ needs, our clinic can offer dental treatment at an affordable price. Moreover, you can adjust the price by choosing the dental products, the type of procedure, or the number of teeth you want to treat. Moreover, our dentist will help you choose the best options for you considering your wishes and possibilities.

The best way to find out the dental veneer cost is to contact our client coordinator. Also, you can see the price list on our clinic’s website. This will help you to plan your treatment and know what to expect. However, the price that you can see on the website can vary from the exact price you will need to pay at the end of the treatment. This is because the price can vary on several factors and changes during the treatment. You can read about it below.

What is the price for Porcelain full veneers in Turkey?

The price for porcelain veneers can vary from £130 to £250. This is one of the most popular types of dental veneers. Patients choose these dental shells because of their reliability and durability. However, placing porcelain veneers provides more tooth abrasion than Laminate veneers. Furthermore, the procedure involves using CAD/CAM technology which also affects the price of the treatment.

What is the price for Zirconia full veneers in Turkey?

Zirconia veneer provides the best aesthetic result that will transform your smile. Moreover, zirconia veneers are metal free. Thus, the owners of this type of veneer have natural-looking tooth correction. Moreover, even patients with allergies to metal can get zirconia veneers, unlike porcelain. The cost of zirconia veneers is £160 – £215. You will get an excellent smile at this price with this type of veneer. Moreover, they will serve you for the long term.

What is the price for Lumineer Veneers in Turkey?

Lumineer veneers are a type of porcelain dental shell that is popular among patients who do not want to abrase their teeth before covering. This can harm teeth and be the reason for tooth sensitivity. That is why Lumineer shells are prevalent today. Moreover, our dentists have enough experience in using CAD/CAM technology, which is necessary for the placement of Lumineer veneers. The price for the Lumineers can vary from £240 to £320.


What factors can affect the cost of veneers?

The cost of porcelain and laminate dental veneers can vary according to several factors in Turkey. This allows our patients to adjust the final price by choosing the options that are suitable for them. The first factor that affects the treatment cost is the material of the shells. The porcelain and zirconia veneer cost can also vary according to the number of teeth you plan to cover with shells. You will be able to correct only visible teeth or the entire smile with porcelain veneers. Our dentists will help you choose the most suitable option for you and provide the best veneer treatment at an affordable price. You will be able to save 50-60% of your budget with dental treatment in Turkey.

Veneers Treatment Stages in Turkey

1 Stage: Consultation with the dentist

Our dentists plan a whole treatment plan considering the patient’s wishes and oral health. This is the main stage of the veneer treatment in Turkey. You will be able to check your oral cavity with an X-ray in our clinic. Moreover, our dentists will help you to choose the type of porcelain veneer that will be suitable for your teeth and will get a new appearance for your smile. The first stage also involves getting tips from the doctor about preparing for the treatment.

2 Stage: Teeth preparation.

Laminate veneers can be placed on your teeth without any preparation. The dentist will clean your teeth and align their surface. This will make them suitable for placing veneers. This procedure will take no more than 2 hours. The dentist can use local anaesthesia to relieve the discomfort during the procedure.

3 Stage: Covering teeth with veneers

Your veneers will be ready in just 3-5 days. The dentist will appoint the day of your visit as soon as the veneers are in the clinic. To fit the shells to your teeth the dentist will use glue that will hold them in place. You will be able to use porcelain veneers as natural teeth. They will serve you for 20 years. Moreover, in the case of veneer value, you will be able to replace it.

4 Stage: Recovery period

The recovery period after getting veneer treatment in Turkey will not take a lot of time. Moreover, you will be able to come back to your normal life immediately after the procedure. However, you will need to take care of your new teeth every day. This will positively affect the time of their serving.

The Advantages of Laminate Veneers in Turkey

FAQ About Laminate Dental Veneers in Turkey

The colour of the veneers will not change over time. However, they can get a yellow shade if patients smoke or drink a lot of dark coffee and tea.

This type of dental veneer will serve you for 20 years. However, this also depends on daily care. Thus, it is necessary to follow the daily routine.

The whole veneer treatment process will take about 7-10 days in Turkey.


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