Dental Clinic Antalya

Dental Clinic Antalya

Welcome to TurDent, a dental clinic Antalya, Turkey. Seeing your smile is our priority!! Our state-of-the-art dental clinic provides first-rate dental care in a modern environment. We are proud of our team of highly qualified and experienced Antalya dentists who provide your dental health with the finest possible treatments at our dental centre Antalya, Turkey.

Our clinic was designed with your comfort in mind, and we give it the highest priority at our dental clinic Antalya, Turkey. Our friendly staff and the best team of Antalya dentists will make you feel at home and welcome during your dental journey. We understand that going to the dentist may be a frightening experience for some people, but at TurDent clinic in Turkey, we work hard to make sure that everyone who visits us has a pleasant experience.

Visit the beautiful city of Antalya and discover the benefits of qualified dentistry at the clinic.


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Dental Procedure TurDent Offers in Antalya

We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of advanced dental procedures to cater to all your oral health needs. Our clinic is dedicated to providing top-notch treatments and using the latest technology to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients. Some of the dental procedures we offer are described below.

Dental Implants in Turkey

Dental Implants in Antalya

Dental implants can provide a long-term, functional, and attractive replacement option if you are missing one or more teeth due to disease, an accident, or extraction.

Dental implants in Turkey are a fantastic solution for anyone wishing to rebuild their smile and regain their confidence due to their capacity to offer a natural appearance, functional advantages, and general oral health improvements.

Smile Makeover in Turkey

Smile Makeover Indicators

Smile makeover is a revolutionary procedure that can solve gum problems, bite irregularities, and stained, chipped, misaligned, or missing teeth, among other concerns.

A smile makeover at our clinic can completely transform a person’s smile and give our patients a more beautiful, balanced, and youthful appearance.

Dental Veneers in Turkey

Dental Veneers in Antalya

Veneers are made to cover the front of the teeth to make your smile seem better. They are a well-liked treatment option for correcting flaws, including stained, chipped, out-of-place, or irregularly spaced teeth, by our team of cosmetic dentists in Antalya at our clinic.

Dental Crowns in Turkey

What are Dental Crowns?

When a tooth is damaged, a tooth-shaped cap called a dental crown is placed over it to restore its strength, appearance, and function. It restores the tooth’s form, size, and structural integrity by completely encasing the exposed area above the gum line.

E-max Crowns in Turkey

E-Max Laminate Coating in Turkey

E-max crowns are high-quality crowns that offer an excellent combination of strength and aesthetics. They are a common clinic option for people looking for a long-lasting and beautiful fix for their broken or cosmetically unappealing teeth.

Root Canal Treatment in Turkey

Root Canal Treatment in Turkey

To properly relieve pain and infection and preserve the original tooth structure, root canal therapy involves removing the tooth’s damaged pulp and nerves. It is a crucial technique to stop tooth loss and treat severe toothaches brought on by dental diseases.

Inlays and Onlays in Turkey

Ceramic Fillings in Turkey

Inlays and onlays are dental clinical restorations used to repair damaged or decayed teeth. They are made of long-lasting materials like porcelain or composite resin and are custom-fitted to the tooth’s affected area.

Dental Bridges in Turkey

Dental bridges in Turkey for everyone

Dental bridges are fixed dental prosthetics used to replace one or more missing teeth by bridging the gap between existing teeth. The bridge consists of artificial teeth that are supported by dental crowns placed on adjacent natural teeth or dental implants.

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Our Dental Packages

We are glad to introduce our exclusive dental packages, carefully planned to meet all your oral health needs in one convenient and affordable bundle.

£ 1600
  • ALL-ON-4
  • Straumann Neodent
  • Implants Per Jaw
£ 2800
  • 20 Porcelain Crowns
£ 4200
  • 16 Emax Crowns
  • 12 Zirconium Crowns

Treatment Planning

Dental treatment planning at our clinic is crucial for providing high-quality, individualised care and ensuring patients get the greatest results and reach their oral health objectives.


Travel and Accommodation

Our patients can enjoy a stress-free experience as all the essential travel and accommodation arrangements are taken care of. You can focus solely on your dental treatment and recovery.



VIP transportation to our clinic and airport in your dental package is an excellent chance to add a luxurious touch to your dental journey. Our patients can enjoy the flexibility of arranging transportation according to their dental appointments. We ensure that you never miss any scheduled treatments.


Enjoy Your Holiday with a Beautiful Smile

Turkey offers an abundance of mesmerising destinations to explore during your dental journey. Schedule your appointment and you will have the chance to restore your smile while enjoying the charm and warmth of this captivating country.


After Treatment

To ensure that your treatment will be successful, our qualified dentists will set up frequent clinic follow-up appointments. You will receive expert recommendations on proper care for your treated area properly. It will promote faster healing and minimise discomfort.


Why Should You Choose a Dental Centre in Antalya, Turkey?

Enjoy the chance to get dental treatment. We offer you:


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